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Wrist Party


                       Welcome to a gathering that sparkles with color, texture,

                       and shine … amazingly beautiful and uniquely yours. We

                       may not have invented the wrist party, but we sure have

                       perfected it! Our bracelets, bangles, wraps, and cuffs are

                       stunning on their own, but when they get together – watch

   shine               out! With infi nite combinations to suit your outfi t, your

                       style and your bling quotient, you will most defi nitely need

                       an extra jewelry box. Plus, the very best way to get your

                       favorites free? Gather your girlfriends at your house for

                       a Touchstone Crystal party. It’s so easy, so much fun, and

                       so rewarding for you! Get all the Host details, page 91.

            New to the party …
            introducing, the Wrap-Star!
            Comes in 8 great colors

                                                                      Wrap-Star Bracelet, Black
                                                                      1269B / $69 Crystal; black Alcantara
                                                                      band; two Crystal snaps; triple wrap
                                                                      to 22" or 23".

   4                                                                                           FALL/WINTER 2 0 18
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