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DSA Code of Ethics

Since our start, Touchstone Crystal has been a proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Why this is important
Displaying the DSA logo is a privilege given only to companies that have made the commitment to honor the DSA's Code of Ethics, a series of policies that every DSA member agrees to follow as condition of exclusive membership. Displaying this logo on our website and our catalog signifies Touchstone’s commitment to conduct business according to the highest standards of integrity, and, should a problem arise, doing our best to make it right.

View the complete DSA Code of Ethics

If you have questions or concerns regarding a Touchstone Crystal Consultant, you are encouraged to contact them directly and explain your concerns. If they do not correct the issue to your satisfaction, please contact us at Support@touchstonecrystal.com or 800-203-2488.

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution, you may escalate your complaint to the DSA where an Independent Code Administrator, not affiliated with any member company, is responsible for enforcing the DSA Code of Ethics. The Administrator is authorized to make decisions and will do everything possible to resolve complaints to the satisfaction of all parties involved. All member companies agree to honor the administrator's decisions.