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This is me.....

At 51 yrs of age...it took me a LONG TIME to feel the confidence & pride I feel today. I mean, I’ve really been through a lot. So many of us have...but this is me~

Born & raised in RI....my biological father took his life when I was only 6 years old, and my Mom raised my sister & I (with some help from the sweetest grandparents). After growing up sleeping on the pullout sofa when my half brothers were little (yes, 2 bedroom place with 6 of us) I was determined to get out on my own and wanting MORE! So I moved out at 17 right after high school and worked my butt off. And then I learned the hard lessons of living outside my means and had to file for bankruptcy. Went into rebuild mode....

Then comes love, marriage & children, building the life that we envisioned for our family. My husband became very financially successful....we were blessed.
Until divorce happened...after 17 years, there I was....SAHM, 2 daughters, big house, and I was still determined to build the life of my dreams for my daughters & I. Just solo..
I started this business not really believing that I can be successful in a party business, but I am sooooo damn stubborn that failure just wasn’t an option. ;)

Here I am 8 years into this business, a Senior Executive Director, with a team of over 400 women that I am lucky to work with. I have earned about 16 all-expense vacations (I forget the number actually, lol), 2 free BMW’s, I have helped to promote 2 Senior Directors (yes...they have FREE BMW’s too!!), met thousands of women and now have the most AMAZING sisterhood of friends from across the country.

To say that this business has changed my life is an UNDERSTATEMENT!! Not only am I BEYOND BLESSED to have raised 2 independent, confident daughters...Briana is 21 & Courtney is 18 (I cannot believe that I have 2 in College with Briana a Senior at MCPHS studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Courtney a Freshman at Penn State pursuing an education in Neuropsychology!) See...I’m blessed. I am so incredibly PROUD of my daughters......This business has given me the opportunity to help my girls so much!!! 

I look forward to seeing how many women that I can help build a business of their dreams. The opportunity here is LIMITLESS...if you dare to DREAM & BELIEVE....you can ACHIEVE!!