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Just wanted to give a quick introduction Besides being a Wife, Mom and Football fan- I run my own business with Touchstone Crystal since March 2017, which is the direct selling division of Swarovski! I offer three great options: 1. If you're looking to add some stunning, yet affordable and upscale jewelry to your collection, I've got you covered. 2. Want to have a fun get-together with your friends and score some free or discounted jewelry? We can definitely make that happen! 3. And if you're interested in earning some extra income while enjoying all the perks mentioned above, well, I’ve got an opportunity for you too! In the last 6 years, the business has brought me the 3 Fs - Friendships, Flexibility, and the ability to help my family Financially! I like to say I am living my best life!!
Please let me know how I can best help you by using the Contact Me feature to send me an e-mail. I respond to most inquiries within 24 hours.

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