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                                    8 WWW.TOUCHSTONECRYSTAL.COMHook clasp on open chainA. Royalty Pendant 2397N / $139 Denim Blue and Montana crystal; rhodium plating; up to 30\B. Denim Medallion Necklace4061NF / $69 Montana crystal; oxidized silver plating; 15\C. Denim Medallion Earrings4063EF / $42 Montana crystal; oxidized silver plating.D. Montana Ice Bracelet4240BF / $99 Rhodium plating; 7 ¼\Extender available on page 76.E. Wrap-Star Bracelet, Navy 1270B / $79 Crystal Metallic Blue crystal; dark blue Alcantara® band; two Crystal Metallic Blue crystal snaps; triple wrap to 6 ½\F. Sky Ice Bracelet 1506B / $99 Aquamarine, Montana and Crystal Aurore Boreale crystal; rhodium plating; 7 ¼\on page 76.G. Wrap-Star Bracelet, Denim 8002B / $79 Montana, Denim Blue and Light Sapphire Shimmer crystal; denim Alcantara® band; two Montana crystal snaps; triple wrap to 6 ½\H. Rain Ice Bracelet 2111B / $99 Crystal Silver Shade, Royal Blue DeLite, Ocean DeLite, Montana, Light Sapphire and Sapphire crystal; rhodium plating; 7 ¼\I. Wrap-Star Bracelet, Indigo 8028B / $79 Sapphire crystal; indigo blue Alcantara® band; two Sapphire crystal snaps; triple wrap to 6 ½\J. Glam Bracelet, Blue 2052B / $139 Crystal Blue Shade, Denim Blue, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Sapphire Aurore Boreale, Montana and Sapphire crystal; rhodium plating; 7 ¼\ABCD E F G H I
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