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Giving Back

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Because we care

Touchstone Crystal created the Ribbon Necklace and Lulu Earrings, Lotus Pink Delite in honor of the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative, which supports women in the fight against breast cancer. Please consider shopping our collection or adding a $1, $3 or $5 donation to your order, and we'll send it to the American Cancer Society. Thank you for your support.


Ribbon Necklace
Lulu Earrings, Lotus Pink Delite
American Cancer Society $5 Donation

Swarovski's social responsibility - Global efforts

  • Child drinking clean water thanks to the Swarovski Waterschool Project
    Our commitment to responsible, ethical and ecological standards began when the company was created in 1895. Today, the Corporate Responsibility strategy includes six focus areas: Ethics and Integrity, Caring for Our People, Creating Responsible Products, Protecting the Environment, Giving Back and Responsible Supply Chain. 

    For more details visit the Swarovski Foundation website
  • Austrian Alps and Wattens

    Ethics & Integrity

    Daniel Swarovski insisted that the strongest ethics be applied in all our business, and this is at the core of our corporate culture today. As a 100% family owned company, genuine family values have always been at the heart of the business. With the company’s growing global footprint, Swarovski is codifying and further developing our business ethics and values in an Integrity Charter.
  • Swarovski Employee in orange dress

    Caring for Our People

    Swarovski is founded on the ability to recruit and retain qualified, engaged and reliable people, and every employee is vital to our success. We are committed to diversity and equal opportunities for everyone, with a special commitment to women who make up over 70% of our employees. In 2014, our Executive Board pledged support for the United Nations initiative: ’Women’s Empowerment Principles.’
  • Green crystals and leaf

    Responsible Products

    Our ‘CLEAR’ program ensures that only approved raw materials are used and limits the use of restricted substances including nickel, lead and cadmium, guaranteeing the safety of the product. After 12 years of intensive research, we announced a lead-free formula which significantly raised the bar for quality and sustainability in the entire industry.
  • Waterfall in the woods

    Environmental Protection

    We are committed to reducing our environmental impact across all our operations and have a proud track record of proactively managing environmental challenges in our production process. In Swarovski stores worldwide, we are also implementing the Swarovski Sustainable Stores initiative in alignment with the ‘Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design’ certification program.
  • Woman working outside

    Swarovski Foundation

    Swarovski has a long history of giving back to society. Since 1895, five generations have led and maintained the company’s commitment to philanthropy and charitable giving. Today, the Swarovski Foundation’s mission is to build on this heritage, by working with organizations that promote culture and creativity, wellbeing, and the conservation of the natural environment, therefore making a positive social impact globally.

    For more information visit the Swarovski Foundation website
  • Woman placing crystals in necklace by hand

    Responsible Supply Chain

    Swarovski has adopted policies to deliver increased reliability, quality and productivity throughout our supply chain. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations and our Responsible Sourcing Initiative allow us to ensure high labor and environmental standards, focusing on human rights and strengthening relations with suppliers.