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Our business is about connecting – building relationships – and adding sparkle to women’s lives. We root for those who have the courage to live outside of their comfort zone; who wish to make this world a better place by helping others; who love to learn, grow, and be empowered to live life with joy.

There has never been a better time start your own TCS Side Gig. This business can fill your needs right now – and fulfill dreams that you never knew you had.

  • Join a caring community, proud to share a trusted brand.
  • Hold virtual or in-person parties from your home, your local coffee shop, anywhere.
  • Earn 25-40% on sales from every party.
  • Enjoy fun, friends, and flexibility.
  • Earn 70% jewelry discounts to start; 50% every month

We invite you to learn more about a jewelry business that can add a bit of sparkle to your life … or be a game-changer. And you can start your TCS biz for a Business Kit investment of just $99*.

This is your time to shine.



What is the relationship between Touchstone Crystal and Swarovski?
Touchstone Crystal is one of Swarovski’s sparkling jewelry brands, sold exclusively through independent Consultants across the country. We benefit from the expertise, creativity and fine craftsmanship of this international, powerhouse brand to bring unique and affordable designs to your customers.
Is this jewelry sold anywhere else?
No. Touchstone Crystal jewelry featured in our catalog is sold through our Independent Consultants via home parties or through a Consultant’s Touchstone Crystal website.
Does Touchstone Crystal jewelry appeal to a wide variety of customers?
Yes! Our unique designs benefit from Swarovski’s laser focus on fashion trends, color and materials. Our wide variety of jewels cater to every unique customer. We promise – every woman at your parties will have the opportunity to add sparkle to their lives, without pressure on the pocketbook!
How much to get started?
Our $99 Business Kit (plus, tax and $25 shipping) includes over $500 in jewelry and marketing materials. For $12 monthly, you also receive a personalized website and all the tech tools need for virtual or in-person parties.
How much can I earn?
On average, Consultants earn about $225 per party. That’s $900 per month! As Leader of a team, you can earn even more. The beauty of this business is that you set your own income goals!

Based on an average party with $750 in Customer Sales. The estimated earnings set forth above are not a representation or guarantee of what you may or will earn. 
There is no guarantee that a Consultant will earn any income.  Actual earnings depend, among other things, on individual efforts and skill, customer base,
and time devoted to the business and may differ significantly from person to person.

What other incentives can I earn?
Besides getting paid to party, you also have the opportunity to earn fabulous monthly incentives (including Swarovski products!), a 50% -70% discount on our entire product line, all-expenses-paid vacations annually, BMW car allowance, and much more.
Do I need to buy and keep inventory? Or make deliveries?
No. You simply showcase Touchstone Crystal jewelry at your parties. We will take care of sending it to your customers quickly.
How do I get started?
You can start your Touchstone Crystal as soon as TODAY! Simply click here to enroll online.


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**Based on a $750 party average.
***There is no guarantee that a TCS Consultant will earn any income. Actual earnings depend, among other things, on individual efforts and skill, customer base, ad time devoted to the business, and may differ significantly from person to person.

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