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Chanelle in Gold
Chanelle in Rose Gold
Mini Chanelle, Extra Long in Rhodium
  A. Chanelle / $95 Crystal; 36" endless.
Gold Chanelle Necklace, Crystal (shown on left) 4190NF; Gold plating. Chanelle Necklace, Crystal 4365NF; Rhodium plating.
Blush Chanelle Necklace, Crystal (shown on right) 1130N; Rose gold plating.
B. Mini Chanelle Extra Long / $125 Crystal; 56" endless.
Mini Chanelle Necklace Extra Long, Crystal (shown) 1132N; Rhodium plating. Mini Golden Chanelle Extra Long Necklace, Crystal 1135N; Gold plating. Mini Blush Chanelle Extra Long Necklace, Crystal 1133N; Rose gold plating.
All our Chanelles are made in the USA.
C. Island Breeze Anklet 2713AF / $38 Crystal; rhodium plating; 9" to 11".
D. Island Breeze Anklet, Gold 3498AF / $46 Crystal; gold ion plating; 9" to 11". E. South Beach Anklet 2712AF / $46 Crystal; rhodium plating; 9" to 11".
Crystal Necklace Converter $19 PS250-R / Rhodium
PS250-G / Gold (shown) PS250-RG / Rose gold
Necklace Converter $9 PS145R / Rhodium (shown) PS145G / Gold
PS145SO / Oxidized silver PS145RG / Rose gold

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