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Fun, Friends, Free – the Works & Perks of Hosting
There are so many reasons to host your own Sparkle Social. It’s easy, fast, and fun. It’s a great time with friends. And, you’re supporting a woman-owned small business!
How it works. You choose the day and time – and how you want to spread the sparkle – in person, Zoom, or Facebook. You can also hold a fundraiser to support a favorite non-profit in your community. Then, simply invite friends and family – anyone and everyone who’s in need of some retail therapy. And that’s it. Your TC Consultant will do the rest!
Now, the perks. If you love our jewelry, hosting is the best way to get more for free or at big discounts. On average, Hosts receive:
• About $200 in FREE* bling!
• 3 jewels at half-price.
• Any piece at 70% off** for each guest who books at your Sparkle Social and hosts their own. • Exciting monthly Host specials – ask your Consultant for details.
 *Based on a $750 Sparkle Social average.
**Each Sparkle Social must have a minimum of $300 in commissionable sales and must be held and closed within 90 days of the original Sparkle Social. Only one 70% item can be redeemed per Sparkle Social.
$1000 + $300 – $499
30% of sales FREE 20% of sales FREE
4 half-price selections 2 half-price selections
Your Consultant will bring her Virtual Boutique to you and your friends – so easy and so much fun!
  Or, bring the boutique to your home for some fun and fashion, plus free jewels for you!
$500 – $999
25% of sales FREE
3 half-price selections
$150 – $299
10% of sales FREE
1 half-price selection

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